“The Sims 3” is coming.

Electronic Arts is about to release a new version of one of my favorite computer games for Windows computers.

Only one month and a week left to go before the best simulation of life, “The Sims 3,” is released.  The previous version, “The Sims 2” was first released in 2004 and in five years has sold over 100 million units of the base game and its expansion packs.

In “The Sims,” you can create simulated people, give them characteristics and clothing, and then move them into a house (or apartment, if you have the “Apartment Life” expansion pack for “The Sims 2”) and interact with them.  You help them get jobs and achieve their life goals.  You can even help your game characters date and get married or divorced.  Your game characters can even have children that inherit characteristics from their parents.  The children grow from baby to adult.  Game characters can have pets, too.  It’s a great way to try out things you wouldn’t dare do in real life.  The strategy guides for “The Sims 2” read like a description of real life because Electronic Arts made the effort to simulate a lot of stuff that you might find in real life.

Right now, it looks like Electronic Arts and various brick and mortar retailers are offering exclusive music downloads if you pre-order “The Sims 3” standard edition and both Electronic Arts and Amazon.com are offering a sports car download and a neighborhood map if you pre-order “The Sims 3” collector’s edition.



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