Time Goes By Fast

The older I get, the faster time seems to go by. I meant to do a summary of my experiences watching that special Star Trek “Menagerie” showing at a movie theater last month, but didn’t get around to doing it. So here’s a quick summary.

The Star Trek “Menagerie” showing in the theater last month was pretty cool. I was there the first night and the theater I was in, most of the seats were full. Most of the remaining seats were right under the screen, where most people stay away from. The theater didn’t show the movie previews before “Menagerie.” The lights failed to come back on after the end of the showing though, so everyone had to leave in the dark.

It was really funny when during the behind the scenes footage, they kept pointing out that a certain stuntman/extra/guy in monster costume was in a certain scene at a certain location. People laughed at that.

Well, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving holiday and best wishes for the upcoming holiday.


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