Microsoft News

In the news recently, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates wants to fix education and enable consumers to control access to their health data. Meanwhile, Microsoft claims that others are stealing Microsoft’s intellectual property.

Seems that Microsoft wants to be a Good Samaritan for the general public. In recent weeks, they’ve made announcements about helping people in ways that are by itself unrelated to computers or technology. Last month, Bill Gates told PARADE that his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation would make fixing education one of its priorities. See article.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that they’re creating a web site to enable consumers to control access to their health data by collecting, storing, and sharing their health data via Microsoft’s new free HealthVault web site. The web site has the support of medical providers, device manufacturers, and patient advocacy groups, according to Microsoft’s press release.

Meanwhile, it appears that despite all the good that Microsoft is doing, Microsoft is also a victim. Microsoft has a web page listing 132 small, medium, and large companies that found Microsoft products to be better than competing products. At the same time, Microsoft claims that its competitors are stealing Microsoft’s intellectual property in their products. There’s apparently some legitimacy in the claims considering that Novell last year agreed to license Microsoft’s patents. See article.


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