Another Recall; SCO Loses

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced yesterday that Toshiba has recalled another 1,400 Sony laptop batteries. Link to article. In other news, SCO has lost a lawsuit regarding Linux. claims that Toshiba has now recalled a total of 851,400 faulty Sony laptop batteries. Link to article.

Add the other laptop makers and we’re talking millions of recalled batteries. Laptops have been around for years, so how could so many batteries be involved in a recall?

In other news, reports that a judge has ruled against SCO. The judge has ruled that SCO does not own Unix. Link to article. So I guess this means IBM will prevail in SCO’s lawsuit against IBM. However, that still leaves Microsoft’s claim that Linux violates over 250 Microsoft patents. So it seems like if you don’t want to be sued by someone, the safest thing to do is to only use Microsoft products. What happened to innovation and competition?


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